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Sweetpotatoes 101

Sweetpotatoes are as American as apple pie! Native Americans were growing sweetpotatoes when Columbus came in 1492, and by the 16th century, sweetpotatoes were being cultivated in the southern states, where they became a staple in the traditional cuisine. With their delicious sweetness and mild flavor, sweetpotatoes take to a variety of ethnic seasonings, making them a go-to ingredient no matter what the season.

What is the Difference between Yams and Sweetpotatoes?

Did you know a sweetpotato is not a yam? Learn the differences and share your fun facts around the dinner table!

Types of Sweetpotatoes

Covington, O’Henry, Japanese? Orange, Yellow, Purple? The many shapes, sizes and colors of sweetpotatoes share the story behind the many varieties of sweetpotatoes available today. The challenge? How to choose!

How to Store Sweetpotatoes

Now that you’ve found your spud of choice, don’t spoil it at home! Learn the tricks to sweetpotatoes so you know where you should and should not store your taters.

How to Grow Sweetpotatoes

Can’t get enough of its sweet, orange deliciousness? Follow our step-by-step guide on how to grow sweetpotatoes on your own.