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Crock Pot Sweetpotatoes

Crock pot sweetpotatoes are easy, convenient and nearly foolproof. Plus, there’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day to a great dinner that is ready to be devoured.

The crock pot is designed to cook for an extended period of time, releasing the intense flavor of the ingredients it withholds. When sweetpotatoes are slow cooked, they release their sweet, caramel flavor while soaking up all of the ingredients’ flavors as they marinate together. We believe the crock pot sweetpotato recipe is the true meaning of comfort food.

For a delicious and stress-free dinner, try out Caribbean Crock Pot Sweetpotato Stew. Simply peel and dice your sweetpotatoes and toss with your favorite ingredients! This recipe calls for chopped onion, garlic, beans, chicken, sausage and many spices. Cover and simmer on low. In a few hours, your sweetpotato masterpiece will be cooked to perfection! For the full recipe, please click here.