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The ABCs of Sweetpotatoes

Not sure how to cook sweetpotatoes? Have no fear, the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission is here to help you conquer the kitchen and learn the easy tricks of cooking sweetpotatoes. Cash in on their heavenly sweetness by checking out our list of ways to incorporate sweetpotatoes into your cooking all the way from A to Z.


Al dente

“Al dente” means “to the tooth” in Italian, which makes this cooking method a great way to keep sweetpotatoes crunchy if you’re a fan of crisp vegetables. In recipes calling for raw shredded sweetpotatoes, make the sweetpotatoes al dente by boiling them in water for 1 minute before draining and incorporating into the recipe.

Sweetpotato and Ginger Slaw



It’s no wonder why this is the most tried and true method of cooking sweetpotatoes. It’s easy and simply delicious! Prick washed sweetpotatoes with a fork several times before placing into an oven-proof dish. Bake sweetpotatoes at 400°F for at least 40 minutes until a fork can easily be poked into the sweetpotato without getting stuck.

Simple Baked Sweetpotato

Sweetpotato Bread Pudding



Sweet or savory, sweetpotatoes are a great mix-in for your staple cake recipes. Not only will the sweetpotatoes add a pop of color, but they also help in retaining moisture to keep your delicious cakes from drying out.

Roasted Sweetpotato and Salmon Cakes with Sriracha Dipping Sauce

SweetPotato Cheesecake Brownies



Nothing quite beats the satisfaction that comes from biting into a fried sweetpotato. Fries, chips, nachos, or chunks – the options are endless. To ensure a sog-free fried sweetpotato experience, make sure your oil is at the proper temperature (375-400°F) before carefully placing the sweetpotatoes in to cook until desired crispness.

Camote Cue (Deep Fried Caramelized Sweetpotato Skewers)

Dirty South Nachos



Grilling sweetpotatoes is a year-round way to achieve a visually appealing char and smoky taste. Whether you work them into a main dish or let them shine on their own as a side, give grilling sweetpotatoes a try using a charcoal or gas grill outside or a cast iron griddle pan inside.

Sweetpotato Sliders

Summer Grilling with Sweet Taters



Hummus is a dip traditionally made from blended garbanzo beans, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. Jazz up this classic Mediterranean dip with the inclusion of cooked sweetpotatoes and pulse until smooth in a food processor.

Sweetpotato Hummus

Spicy Sweetpotato Hummus


Infused Cocktails

Culinary cocktails are all the rage and sweetpotatoes sure are keeping their skin in the game! Infused cocktails feature sweetpotatoes in a variety of ways like roasted sweetpotato puree and sweetpotato simple syrup. Whether you’re cooling down after a hot summer day or warming up by a winter fireplace, these sweetpotato infused cocktails won’t let you down.

Happiest Hour: 7 Sweetpotato Cocktails



Julienne is a knife cut that creates little matchsticks of any vegetable. Create julienned sweetpotatoes by slicing sweetpotatoes ¼-inch thick. Stack a few of these slices and cut again into ¼-inch pieces to create beautifully julienned sweetpotatoes.

Sweetpotato and Turkey Sausage Pasta

Baked Sweetpotato Sticks



Kneading is a crucial step in many bread recipes because it helps to develop the gluten that creates the structure of a nice, light bread. Raw or cooked sweetpotatoes are an unconventional, yet fabulous addition to make any baked good blossom.

Sweetpotato Bread French Toast

Rockin’ Sweetpotato Rolls



Don’t forget the almighty microwave when it comes to sweetpotato cooking! This kitchen appliance is known for speed and efficiency, so let it do the work for you when it comes to cooking a whole sweetpotato or getting the sweetpotato soft enough so you can slice and dice it into smaller pieces.

Sweetpotato Pie Pops

Curried Sweetpotato Apple Soup


No Bake

It doesn’t get quicker than a no bake or no cook recipe, especially when it features sweetpotatoes. Utilize leftover cooked sweetpotatoes to speed through these no bake recipes.

Sweetpotato Coconut Ginger Energy Bites

No-Bake Sweetpotato Pie Bites



Whether you’re trying to incorporating more vegetables into your meals or achieve a smooth consistency, pureed sweetpotatoes are your friend! Sweetpotatoes’ versatility is put to the test while being pureed into both savory and sweet recipes.

Sweetpotato Dream Slush

Sweetpotato Burger with Avocado



Roasting brings out the inherent sweetness of sweetpotatoes we all know and love. Crank up the oven to 425°F to roast sweetpotatoes as fries, chips or chunks for at least 20 minutes in an oven-proof dish. Take out the dish and stir the sweetpotatoes every 5 minutes after the first 20 minutes to check doneness. Keep cooking until the sweetpotatoes are roasty and toasty to your liking!

Roasted Sweetpotato Stackers

Roasted Cauliflower Sweetpotato Soup


Slow cooker

Slow cookers are sweetpotatoes make for the perfect pair in the kitchen. Pop in a few sweetpotatoes and other ingredients into the slow cooker and you have a rocking meal ready to go in just a few hours. It’s the best way to get the comfort food feels without cooking over the stove all day.

Sweetpotato Chili

Crockpot Pork and Sweetpotatoes



Sweetpotato toast is trendy for being both fast to cook and easy to make. Whether you use sliced sweetpotatoes as the toast or mashed sweetpotatoes as the topping on toast, there’s no way to lose.

Sweetpotato & Caramelized Onion Toast

Sweetpotato Toast



Originally zoodles are noodles made from spiralized zucchini. However, the options are endless when it comes to making vegetable noodles. There are many gadgets out there to incorporate swoodles aka sweetpotato noodles into your cooking routine!

Sweetpotato Kale Au Gratin

Sweetpotato Noodles + Creamy Almond Lime Sauce