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Covington License Holders

NCSPC is proud to work with with NC State University Micropropigation Unit and NC Crop Improvement. This list signifies members who are certified Covington Sweetpotato License holders. They have taken all steps to grow and sell certified Covington sweetpotato seed.

Barnes Farming Corp.
Clay T Strickland Farms
Davis Farming Co., Inc.
Edwards Family Farms, LLC
H&D Farms, Inc.
Ham Farms
Hershel Williams & Sons
Jones Farms
Kornegay Family Farms
Lancaster Farms
Leggett Farming Partnership
Millstream Farming LLC
Pierce Soil and Crop Consulting
Robert & Wade Glover Farms (ERW Farms)
Scott Farms, Inc.
Steele Plant Company, LLC
Sullivan Farms
Tull Hill Farms, Inc
Vick Family Farms Partnership
WF Partnership